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J. Scott Sweeney, attorney - Denver, CO

J. Scott Sweeney is an attorney who homeowners and  builders engage to advocate their positions in construction defect lawsuits. He is the kind of lawyer you need to sue a contractor or defend a contractor against allegations by a homeowner. J. Scott Sweeney has sued and defended many contractors with respect to  poor workmanship or money disputes. J. Scott Sweeney knows how difficult and infuriating it is when you have to sue a builder for bad workmanship or when a homeowner is not paying the contractor.  

What sets J. Scott Sweeney apart as a construction defect attorney is that he used to be an attorney hired exclusively by builders and/or contractors.  At a well-regarded firm in Colorado, he was an attorney paid to only represent builders, contractors, developers, and engineers in construction defect lawsuits. In that capacity, he represented contractors all over Colorado, including some of the largest and most well-known homebuilders in the nation.


In his previous experience representing builders, contractors, and developers, J. Scott Sweeney handled all types of construction defect claims. From that side of the fence, he knows how typical insurance adjusters and builders view construction defect lawsuits, and the information that they need to put some money on the table to resolve your construction defect lawsuit. Most insurance adjusters want nothing more than to resolve a case so that they clear it off their desk and move on to something else.  However, it often takes time to get them to a point to pay a realistic value for your case. Most insurance adjusters are overworked and have too many cases assigned to them. Moreover, they are not taking the your case personally or giving it the attention that it truly needs because they are not living with the defective construction in their own house. J. Scott Sweeney can help you walk the line in resolving the case with builders or insurance adjusters because this lawyer has been there many times before -- from both sides of the fence.  

When settlement efforts fails and trial is a must, you are in capable and experienced hands. Prior to practicing almost exclusively construction defect litigation, J. Scott Sweeney worked as a Deputy District Attorney in Colorado.  He prosecuted almost every type of crime in the state. In that role, he was in court almost every day. He took more than 75 cases to trial. For most civil lawyers, they hardly ever go to trial. It is far better to have a lawyer with actual and extensive experience in the courtroom. 

Call today and schedule a consultation so that J. Scott Sweeney talk to you about your case. 

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